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Wholesale Cloth Face Masks in Bulk - Washable Fabric - Free Shipping

As a wholesale face masks supplier, Palmetto Linen Distributors is offering cloth face masks that are reusable at wholesale prices with Free Shipping to affordably protect employees, guests, clients, and patients in your business or institution.

Purchase wholesale protective fabric face masks with SILVERbac Antimicrobial treatment in bulk by the case with Free Shipping on all orders. Fabric Face Masks are made for general protection in every day and non-surgical work environments as recommended by the CDC for basic protection. Please read all face masks information carefully and contact us with any questions you may have about ordering wholesale in bulk for your business and personal protection needs.

Martex Health Face Mask with SILVERbac Antimicrobial - Reusable, Washable
$3.95 each - Case of 50 - Free Shipping
$2.95 each - Case of 100 - Free Shipping
Colors: White, Gray, and Black

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