Hotel Cotton Bed Sheets

Hotel Cotton Bed Sheets

Hotel cotton sheets provide ultimate softness and comfort to give your guests a luxurious sleep experience. Our hotel cotton sheets are sewn from 300 thread count (T300), 100% cotton fabrics woven to be soft, comfortable and easy care. Premium long-staple, combed cotton yarns, and single pick fabric construction (1-ply, no twist to artificially increase thread counts) ensure comfort, performance, and fabric strength.

The premium single-pick fabric construction and combed cotton yarns produce extremely soft and smooth hotel cotton sheets that are also strong and durable to withstand regular laundering.  If you want to impress your guests, choose 100% cotton hotel sheets to pamper them with the most luxuriously soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

Order hotel cotton bed sheets at wholesale prices in bulk cartons of 12 flat sheets or 12 fitted sheets with Free Shipping. 

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