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Wholesale Bed Bug Proof Protective Covers for Mattresses, Boxsprings and Pillows.

Bed Bug CoversOur Bedbug Solution mattress covers, box spring covers, and pillow protectors have a patented zipper locking system and provide full encasement for the ultimate bed bug protection.

Uncovered mattresses, boxsprings and pillows provide the perfect home for bed bugs and an ideal environment for dust mites. Bed Bugs actually bite while feeding on skin cells and body fluids. Dust mites can cause allergies, asthma and eczema.

Using a mattress and boxspring cover with a locking zipper will prevent bed bugs from getting into your mattresses and boxsprings. If bed bugs have gained entry, they cannot escape once a bed bug proof encasement cover has been applied. Using a true bed bug proof encasement has become a proactive step in preventing the spread of bed bug infestation.

Laboratory Tested & Certified Bed Bug Proof Protective Encasement Covers

You and your guest can rest in comfort knowing that your mattress and boxspring covers are independently lab tested and certified to be effective bedbug proof bedding protection (test results available upon request).

Bedbug Solution Stretch Knit Mattress Covers - $34.00 - Free Shipping
Bedbug Solution Polyester Box Spring Cover - $17.25 - Free Shipping
Bedbug Solution Bug Stop Pillow Protectors - $5.25 each - Free Shipping

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