Understanding the GSM Number on Microfiber Bed Sheets:  What is 90 gsm?

Understanding the GSM Number on Microfiber Bed Sheets: What is 90 gsm?

110 gsm microfiber sheets

Traditional methods of determining the quality of bed sheets such as comparing thread counts are not applicable when looking at microfiber bed sheets. Fortunately, there are other methods used to measure the quality of microfiber sheets.  One such method is knowing and understanding the GSM number. 

What Does 90 gsm Mean?

The GSM number is an industry-standard metric used to measure the weight of a square meter of microfiber fabric. What is 90 gsm, you ask.  This means that a square meter of the microfiber fabric (approximately 39"x39") weighs 90 grams. If the bed sheets are 110 gsm, a square meter of the bed sheet weighs 110 grams.

Why is the GSM Number Important?

Quality and Feel:  

The GSM number provides insight into the quality and feel of microfiber bed sheets.  A higher GSM number typically indicates a thicker and more luxurious sheet, while a lower GSM suggests a lighter-weight sheet fabric.  It also is important because it allows you to shop and compare microfiber sheets that are the same weight and have a similar feel. 

Ultimately, look for microfiber sheets that are between 90 GSM and 120 GSM.  Microfiber bed sheets within this range are known to be comfortable, durable, and breathable, offering an excellent sleep experience.

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Aug 8th 2023 Original Authored by Casey Kimm - Updated by Sonny Kimm - August 2023

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