Short-Term Rental Bedding Tip: Use Lightweight Layers to Satisfy Every Guest

Short-Term Rental Bedding Tip: Use Lightweight Layers to Satisfy Every Guest

Short-Term Rental Bedding

Some of your short-term rental guests will prefer lighter-weight bedding, some like heavy-weight, and some prefer something in the middle.

How do you set up your guest beds to accommodate everyone?

The quick answer: Use a combination of lightweight items such as coverlets, quilts, bed toppers, blankets, and low-loft duvet inserts/comforters layered on top of one another.

Layering gives your guests the option to remove individual pieces if they prefer less warmth during the night.

I want to share the inspiration for this post to give some background that may be helpful. The content marketing team at Redfin recently approached us while looking for textile industry experts to submit a tip about choosing the perfect bedding. With so many years helping our hospitality clients find solutions, narrowing it down to 1 tip was a challenge. The quote we wrote and submitted is below:

"Consider using multiple lightweight bedding layers such as coverlets, blankets, and quilts instead of a bulky comforter or duvet. With multiple lighter-weight layers, you have the option to add and remove bedding layers between summer and winter months or as your preferences change. Lighter-weight bedding items are easy to launder in residential washing machines, and they require less water, less energy, and less time than bulky bedding! - Palmetto Linen Distributors. If you want to see the full Redfin article with all of the bedding tips, you can find it here.

As you can see, the tip we submitted and the other suggestions are for buying linens for residential home use, but the advice to use lightweight layered bed linens applies even more to commercial hospitality settings. Choosing bed linens that are easy to launder in residential washers and dryers is even more critical if you regularly or even occasionally do laundry inside your serviced apartments or vacation rental units.

Benefits of using multiple lightweight layers on your Short-term lodging beds:

Increased Guest Satisfaction:

Knowing that some guests like many layers, some like plush bedding, some like minimal covering, the hotel industry and textile industries have put significant time, money, and effort to find the right combination. One of the findings that most everyone in the industry would agree on is that using multiple, removable bedding layers is one way to delight almost everyone. It puts the power back in guest hands, and they love that!

Decrease Laundering Time, Energy, and Water Usage:

Lightweight items launder faster and use less water and energy. It is easier for housekeeping to launder lighter weight bedding, and there is no need to send bulky comforters to off-site dry cleaners.

Faster Drying Times:

By their nature, lightweight coverlets, quilts, and blankets dry faster because they hold less water than bulky comforters and duvets.

Lower replenishment cost:

It is more cost-effective to replace individual layers. When layers are stained or damaged, the items are cheaper to replace compared to expensive and bulky down comforters or duvets.

More Durable & Longer-Lasting:

Quilts, Coverlets, and Bed Toppers are generally more durable because if they have batting or fill, it is tightly bound, so they launder wonderfully. Unlike comforters and heavy duvet inserts that have a plush filling that can shift and clump if not laundered properly in large commercial machines.

Perfect for Colder Climates:

For colder regions or during the winter months, add a light or medium-weight duvet insert for added warmth. Place the duvet insert under the bed topper, quilt, triple sheet, or coverlet. You can even leave it folded at the foot of the bed as an additional blanket if you like. Either way, your new layered bedding is sure to give every one of your guests the absolute best experience possible.

Oct 1st 2021 Casey Kimm

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