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DryFast® Technology - WestPoint Hospitality Textile Innovation

DryFast® Technology on WestPoint Hospitality TextilesDryFast® Technology transforms standard sheets into performance bed linens that dry 30% faster.

A solution that truly saves the environment and money at the same time.

Faster drying times results in reduced labor cost, energy cost, and CO2 emissions.

Benefits of using Sheets with DryFast® Technology

  • Reduce dry time by 30%.
  • Enhance stain release.
  • Great softness and durability.
  • Return on Investment 41.9% (Field tested on a 100+ room hotel with in-house laundry facility).
  • GSA approved for US Government sales.

About DryFast® Technology

DryFast® is a proprietary process, developed by WestPoint Hospitality, that permanently infuses fast drying properties into the textile fabric. WestPoint Hospitality has proven a 30% reduction in drying times when used on 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blended sheets with a year-long test in a 100+ room hotel with in-house laundry facilities. The reduction in drying time leads to a significant savings on energy and labor that translates into a measurable cost savings and environmental benefit.

Energy/Labor Savings from DryFast® Technology:

  • Drying Times reduced by 30%.
  • Reduced cycle times produce a higher productivity rate and reduced costs in the laundry system.

Stain Product Recovery

  • 25% overall reduction in the number of "re-wash" loads due to stains.
  • This reduction resulted in savings of chemicals, labor, and allows more product available to stay in use.
  • 25% reduction in pillowcase replacement cost and 9% reduction in replacement sheet costs.

Environmental Impact from Reduced Drying Time

  • 34.95% reduction in annual green house gas emissions.

Return on Investment: 41.96%

  • The return on investment(ROI) was calculated as the total annualized savings recorded during our trials divided by the total cost of DryFast® product required for the 3-par used in our trials. (Total Annualized Savings/Total Cost of DryFast®)

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