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Environmentally Friendly Pillows

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Eco-Smart linen products are made for those looking for green, environmentally friendly products. Eco-Smart is a polyester fiber that is created from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. The fiber has been processed into an extremely high quality fiberfill that enables it to be used in different formats for traditional polyester filled textile products.

As a general rule, recycling 10 plastic bottles equals one pound of fiber fill. Filling one Eco-smart bed pillow prevents 14 plastic bottles from being dumped into a landfill.

The practical side of using Eco-Smart bed pillows is that these pillows are truly washable! Washing and drying an Eco-Smart bed pillow reinvigorates the fiber fill for a like new feel.

Everlasting Loft EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillows with Clearfresh Antimicrobial - Standard Size
$12.30 each - Free Shipping
ClearFresh Eco-Smart Down Alternative Pillows

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