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Buy White Square Tablecloths by the Dozen - Premier 7.2 oz Spun Polyester

Square White Tablecloths - Premier 7.2 oz Spun Polyester Fabric

42x42" Square - $5.95 ea. - 12/case - $71.40
52x52" Square - $6.95 ea. - 12/case - $83.40
62x62" Square - $9.10 ea. - 12/case - $109.20
71x71" Square - $15.15 ea. - 12/case - $181.80
85x85" Square - $18.35 ea. - 12/case - $220.20
90x90" Square - $19.45 ea. - 12/case - $233.40

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Case Price:$71.40
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White Square Tablecloths that are soft, absorbent, durable and affordable.

The Premier Spun Polyester Tablecloths are the perfect choice for pleasing both your guest and your laundry staff.

Soft and absorbent might not be the characteristics that you think of when you see "polyester". That would be correct when thinking about 100% polyester. The difference in Premier Table Linens is in the Spun-Polyester.

Premier 100% MJS Spun-Polyester is made from polyester fibers that are spun into yarn before weaving just like cotton fibers. This spinning process creates table linen fabric with the strength of polyester and the look, feel and absorption properties of 100% cotton.

The Premier Tablecloths provide smooth, cotton softness with the durability of polyester at an unbeatable wholesale price.

With MJS Spun-Polyester, you can also consider shrinking, picking, snagging and linting to be a thing of the past. Your laundry will be as efficient and trouble-free as possible.

Easy-Care Whites that stay Bright White with ColorGaurd Technology

In addition to the benefits of spun polyester, with Premier Tablecloths, you can also forget about staff spending costly time to sort shades of off-white colors after laundry. With the help of ColorGaurd Technology, your tablecloths will stay bright white after each wash. The bright white color is not just a bleach coating. Think of the orange color in a carrot. If you slice a carrot, the orange is the same orange color all the way through. Premier Spun Polyester fabric is dyed with bright white all the way through the fibers so that you can keep your tablecloths in service for longer.

The Premier Square Tablecloths are available in sizes to cover standard square style tables. So, whether you need a 9 to 12-inch drop or a more formal 15-inch tablecloth drop, your needs are covered!

Purchase your square white tablecloths in bulk by the dozen at our lowest wholesale price with Free Shipping on all sizes.

If you need help with sizing or if you have any other questions, give us a call or email us using the contact form.

  • Features & Benefits:
    • Premium Quality 100% MJS Spun Polyester Fabric: durability and affordability of polyester with the look, feel and absorption properties of 100% cotton.
    • Easy-Care Machine Wash and Dry: no shrinking, picking, snagging or linting.
    • Superior stain release and excellent color retention.
    • Fabric Weight - 7.2 oz. per square yard - Elegant Thickness made to Last.
    • Premium Quality Construction & Fabric: designed for maximum longevity, wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, and colorfastness.
    • 3rd Party Government Certified Lab Tested to last a minimum of 200 washes when recommended laundering procedures are followed. Click here for Wash and Care Instructions
    • Solid White with ColorGuard Technology - White that stays white!
    • Available for wholesale purchase by the case of 1 dozen square white tablecloths with Free Shipping
    • Ordering & Return Note: Tablecloths cannot be retuned or exchanged. If you have any questions, contact us before ordering.
  • White Square Sizes Available (Finished Sizes):
    • 42x42 inches
    • 52x52 inches
    • 62x62 inches
    • 71x71 inches
    • 85x85 inches
    • 90x90 inches

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