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Soft-Touch Luxury Microfiber Flat Sheets - Brushed 125 GSM - Free Shipping

125 GSM Luxury Microfiber Flat Sheets

The Soft-Touch Luxury 125 GSM Microfiber Flat Sheets have been replaced by the New and Improved Soft-Touch Luxury 110 GSM Microfiber Flat Sheets.

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Why the change? After having both the 110 GSM and the 125 GSM microfiber in stock for some time and listening to customer feedback on both weights, we've learned that the 110 GSM microfiber fabric weight breathes much better and is the preferred thickness/weight. The 110 GSM Soft-Touch Flat Sheets are finished with the same brushing process, so they are just as plush and soft to the touch as the 125 GSM Soft-Touch Collection that many have come to love. The newer 110 GSM Soft-Touch Microfiber also dries a little faster than the 125 GSM.

125 GSM Discontinued / All Sizes Out of Stock
Twin - $8.80 each - Case of 24 - $211.20
Queen - $10.90 each - Case of 24 - $261.60
King - $12.90 each - Case of 24 - $309.60

Item #:125GSM-Flat
Case Price:$211.20

Free Shipping
The 125 GSM Soft-Touch Luxury Microfiber Sheets are the best bed sheets for those needing super soft, durable sheets that launder well at a fraction of the cost of cotton sheets. They are also less susceptible to wrinkling. The 125GSM Soft-Touch Flat Sheets are available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. They are packed 24 flat sheets per case.

Our Soft-Touch Luxury Microfiber Sheets are softer, less expensive, longer lasting than 100% cotton sheets or poly-cotton blend sheets. This is achieved by using high quality ultra fine (1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk) microfiber polyester yarn to manufacture the sheets. The sheets are then finished with a brushing process that further softens the fabric surface, allowing it to breathe.

Differing from traditional sheets (being graded by “thread count”), microfiber sheets are graded by gram weight (GSM). The greater the GSM number, the thicker and more plush the sheets will be when brush finished. The brushing process is what makes the surface of the sheets so soft. These Soft-Touch Microfiber Sheets are 125GSM, and are the most plush option we offer.

*As with most synthetic fabrics, a dryer sheet is recommended to prevent static cling. Using a dryer sheet will also minimize any wrinkling that may otherwise occur. They will come out of the dryer nearly wrinkle free.

  • Product Features:
    • High Quality 125 GSM Brushed Microfiber (polyester yarn) – plush softness/extra comfort.
    • Easily Washable and Low Wrinkle – Use a dryer sheet to minimize static cling and wrinkling.
    • Fast Drying – Microfiber dries up to 30% faster than cotton or cotton blend sheets.
  • Size Dimensions:
    • Twin Flat Sheet – 66” x 96”
    • Queen Flat Sheet – 90” x 110”
    • King Flat Sheet – 106” x 110”

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