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Wholesale Shower Curtains in Bulk: EZ-ON No-Hook & Traditional Styles w/Free Shipping!

Several types and styles of wholesale shower curtains are available for purchase by the case.

One of the more popular styles is the EZ-ON No-Hook Fabric Shower Curtains. Installation is fast and easy with the built-in flex rings, which eliminate the need to buy shower hooks. The EZ-ON No Hook Shower curtains are also 100% water repellent, eliminating the need for an additional shower curtain liner.

Traditional shower curtains, which need either hooks or rings, are also available for wholesale purchase in common sizes to fit most showers and bath tubs in stock. Choose from standard size shower curtains to extra long or extra wide shower curtains along with stall sizes. The Stall Size shower curtains are available in either see through window style or window-less styles depending on your preference.

EZ On No Hook Brown Circles Fabric Shower Curtain - $13.75 - Free Shipping
EZ On Blue Stripes No Hook Fabric Shower Curtain - $13.75 - Free Shipping
EZ On Brown Stripe Fabric Shower Curtains - $13.75 - Free Shipping
EZ ON Fabric Shower Curtain - Checkered Window - White/Ivory - $13.75 - Free Shipping
Light Weight Waffle Shower Curtains - $12.50 - Free Shipping
Window Shower Curtain - 10 gauge - $8.25 - Free Shipping
Stall Window Shower Curtain - $7.75 - Free Shipping
Sonoma Blue Fabric Shower Curtain  - $7.95 - Free Shipping
Sonoma Natural Fabric Shower Curtain - $7.95 - Free Shipping

Shopping for shower curtains can sometimes be confusing when certain specifications need to be met.

Do you need a special size or a wholesale shower curtain made from a certain material, such as; plastic, EVA, PEVA, vinyl, or fabric?

Give us a call at 803-599-5410. We are happy to help with your specific shower curtain needs.

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