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What is the Best Way to Wash Comforter Sets and Quilted Bedding?

Washing Comforter Sets and Quilted Bedding TipsFor the best results when washing comforters or bedspreads, it's better for the washer to be full. Having extra room in a large commercial washer may allow the comforters to be tossed around inside the washing machine. This can cause the fiberfill to shift or clump in the corners of the comforter. To get the best results and longer life from your comforters, load just enough items to fill the washing machine.

For the best results when drying comforters or quilted bedding sets, it's a good idea to remove these items and then place them back in the dryer at least once during the dry cycle. This will allow comforters or bedspreads to dry evenly, preventing hot spots that can damage them.

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